Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a TalentReel ?

  • A TalentReel is nothing… But TalentReel Productions is a Video Production company created by 3 best friends.

What can TalentReel do for me ?

  • TalentReel specializes in providing soccer players with Game Footage and Highlight Reel video services designed to give you the best chance at success during University and college recruitment.

How important is video during university/college recruitment ?

  • In almost all cases a university or college coach will ask for Game Footage or a Highlight Reel, even if they already saw you play.

  • This is especially crucial in the application of university and college soccer teams outside of your home city or Country.

What is tint-reel ?

  • It’s tlntREEL. Short for and pronounced TalentReel. That one is for you Ryan :)

How long does it take to make a Highlight Reel ?

  • Basic Highlight Reel - 5-10 business days

  • Full Service Highlight Reel - 3 business days

How long do I have my Game Footage or Highlight Reel for ?

  • Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever…. and ever :)

How do I get my Highlight Reel ?

  • We export to a VHS and summon a local carrying pigeon for delivery.

    …… Jk we just upload it to your own online player profile where you can share your Highlight Reel, Game Footage and player resume with one simple web link.

Can I customize my Highlight Reel ?

  • TalentReel will be releasing a fully customizable Highlight Reel service in 2020.

What soccer team does TalentReel support ?

  • With 3 co-founders, picking one would be impossible. So in no particular order; Chelsea FC first , Arsenal FC second and Manchester United last. :)

Can I update my Highlight Reel?

  • Of course. We have a $40 flat rate for any update and charge $100 per game added provided by the player (unlimited added highlights per game), or $210 per game for us to film.

How high do you film from ?

  • We film from a minimum of 15 feet but often film from 20-25 feet given weather and field conditions permit.

I live in the Toronto area and need game footage, can you help ?

  • Not until 2020 unfortunately. But if you contact us, we can point you in the right direction.

I live outside of Ottawa, can I get a Highlight Reel ?

  • YES!! We’re able to provide any player across Canada our Highlight Reel Editing Services.

How fast do you deliver game footage ?

  • We send you your soccer game in 1080p HD within 48hours of the final whistle (excluding tournament or other events because those get hectic).

Do you see a gold dress or blue dress..?

  • Gold. Leave now if you think otherwise. You’re not welcome here.

How long do we have our game footage for ?

  • Similar to the Highlight Reel video service, forever and ever and ever and ever and ever…. and ever.

Can 1 player buy game footage ?

  • Yes but we don’t recommend it.

Favourite musician ?

  • I miss the old Kanye… :(

6 or 7 ?

  • 6.5

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