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Quick tips every player should know to get recruited.

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Must Haves

Our advice to help get you recruited.


Video Essentials

If you’re on this page, hopefully you already have a Player Profile, Game Footage and a Highlight Reel. If not, Click here.


Player Resume

A player resume is exactly what it sounds like. A resume designed to display player info such as, your current school, GPA and accomplishments.

Check out a few examples:

Talent Reel Resume

something else


Personal Email

Having your own personal email shows you are responsible and ready for a more professional atmosphere.

Use a professional email tag such as Firstname_Lastname@gmail.com.


Reach Out & Be proactive

If you want results, you have to go looking for them. Send your player profile to every school or team you’re interested in. Multiple times a month.

Coach’s emails aren’t that hard to find… Check out the team’s web page and do some digging for anyone linked to the coach.

Search for the biggest showcases in the country. Go to the visiting coaches page and get all the emails listed. Showcases Often make it easy for you to connect with scouts and coaches.


bets times to contact coaches

Reach out before showcase tournaments and combine. Send an email with your Highlight Reel and game schedule for that event to all the attending coaches.

If you cant find the coaches email, send an email to the event director and explain what you’re trying to do. Again, these events want you to be scouted. They want to help you.

Remember coaches get 100s sometimes 1000’s videos per week. Send your Highlight Reel when other players are less likely to be sending their video content. Early - mid season or during the winter season are good examples of times coaches are less Highlight Reel


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atleta recruting


With over 4000 connections made, Atleta is an amazingly powerful tool to help you connect to your favourite coaches & scouts.

Have access to every coach within Usport and CCAA who coaches any of the popular sports in Canada we service.  They are literally a click away

Atleta is a platform that brings athletes and coaches together all in one place for recruitment and scholarship opportunities.

Visit https://atleta.ca/ for more.




OPSM PRO is the next step you should be taking if you’re serious about playing post-secondary or professional soccer.

OPSM Athletes receive incredible treatment, provided with countless resources and give you access to the OPSM network they’ve worked incredible hard to create.

With the combination on a Highlight Reel and the OPSM services, you truly are on the best path to success as a young and developing soccer player.

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